For several years Proximity Property Management has been one of the most highly respected real estate companies for sales, rental, and property management. This is an opinion held not only by our clients, but by the real estate community as well. 

Proximity Property Management was formed to address the ever growing demand in the market for a transparent, professional property management company. We are there to assist you in growing your assets, by building up your property funds and ensuring that your maintenance is up to standard and taken care of. Proximity Property Management is your professional answer to property Management.

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing market and staying abreast of ever increasing legal issues is making Proximity Property Management the company second to none. Our Portfolio managers each have an average of 15 years property management experience and we have the staffing and resources to serve anyone from a small Body corporate to Home Owners Associations with hundreds of units as well as the management of commercial properties.

Proximity Property Management Beliefs

  • We believe that people are more important than properties
  • The expansion and growth of the company comes second to the well trusted relationships we develop with our clients.
  • Services that we provide are delivered with the utmost respect and integrity.
  • Open, honest and ethical management of each property is a necessity.

Our Core values

Proximity Property Management has built its foundation on very strong values that are imbibed in every person engaged with us. Customers of Proximity Property Management have been always treated with utmost respect and they have laid great faith in us as a company. The company follows a strict code of conduct. The company adheres to the following core values: integrity, initiative, innovation, commitment and transparency.

At Proximity Property Management, we are setting a new standard of excellence in the industry. It starts with YOU. Every service, word, action, and decision have the potential to benefit our customers and our team and contribute to our success. We want you to embed these CORE VALUES into your thoughts and actions, and we will continue to push higher together.